The Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry

Sunday Quest

Oct 19, 2014 / 4:00 PM

Gage Hall, 4 Archdale Street

Sunday Quest, our humanist youth program, will provide our children an opportunity to learn about humanism and all of its life-affirming ideals. Our goal with Sunday Quest is to create a safe space for children to explore their developing worldviews, think for themselves, connect with their community, and build a strong ethical foundation.

Each meeting we will explore the philosophies of various world religions, particularly focusing on each one’s impact on our surrounding world. My hope is that each child will come to understand that although we live in a world characterized by political, social, and religious diversity, it is possible to peacefully coexist in such a diverse world while maintaining their own personal beliefs through the development of respect and empathy for those that are different from them.

We will also use a part of each meeting to discuss various free-thinkers from both history and the modern world, the ideas and ethics that they promote, and their impact on the development or continuation of secular humanism. 

Kids will be completing two extended projects and a service project that may require some additional work outside of class. However, the majority of their work will be completed in class each month.

We see each child as an explorer, or a “quester”, whose mission is to explore the ideals and philosophy of secular humanism while developing an attitude of free thought. Each lesson is designed for this purpose, with our first lessons laying the foundations of what secular humanism and free thought are, and later lessons delving into the subjects of ethics, secular humanism in everyday life, the impact we can have on society, and the ways in which we approach diversity.

Scheduled during our third-Sunday monthly speaker presentation at Gage Hall, Sunday Quest will be geared toward children ages 5-12 years old. We request that parents drop their children off and attend the adult SHL meeting during the children's program. If space allows, children older than 12 years old may attend as program assistants and children younger than 5 years old may attend with a parent. The program will last approximately an hour to an hour and a half.

 Please be in the main meeting house at Gage Hall by 4pm and Chrystal Dively, our Sunday Quest teacher, will take the kids as a group to the classroom.

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