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The Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry was founded in 1994 by a group of local non-theists in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our members are freethinkers of many kinds. We call ourselves agnostics, atheists, skeptics, secular humanists, rationalists and scientific naturalists. We welcome you and all who are interested in participating in our friendly community, either as members or observers.

The purpose of our non-profit, educational organization is to promote the non-theistic, human-centered viewpoint as a valid contribution to public discourse and to strive to maintain the First Amendment guarantee of separation of state and church.

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Philosophy and Ethics
You can read about our Principles which include:
  • "We are committed to the application of reason, science, and experience to better understand the universe and to solve human problems. We disapprove of efforts to denigrate human intelligence."
  • "We believe in guiding our lives by reason, compassion, responsibility, integrity, altruism, and unselfishness. We do not accept moral authority based on the supernatural. Humanist ethics are derived from critical reasoning and their moral principles are tested by their consequences."
Read about our Volunteer activities and our charitable giving. (The picture shows two volunteers from the SHL who helped to paint activity rooms for the orphans at the Carolina Youth Develpment Center.)
The separation of church and state is a very important ideal to the members of our organization. We believe it is essential to ensure that the government remains essentially neutral on matters of religion, neither promoting certain religious views over others nor punishing individuals for their religious beliefs (or non-beliefs). By supporting this important Constitutional principal, we are helping to protect the rights of all Americans with minority religious views.
The billboard we placed on I-26 in January 2009 is unlike any which have ever appeared in South Carolina and generated a great deal of public interest, if not public comment. It had a brief message, one emblazoned on a background of a blue cloud-filled sky. It read, "Don't Believe in God? You Are Not Alone." followed by the address of this website. Similar billboards have recently appeared in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York City among other cities nationwide. The purpose of the campaign is not to offend, but to let people know that it is OK to be openly nonreligious and to introduce people to the Secular Humanists of the Lowcountry. Click here to get information about the billboard.

Social Activities
At our meetings, we enjoy an engaging discussion of a topic of interest. Meetings are held monthly from September to May and are usually located at Gage Hall on Archdale street in downtown Charleston.
We also have potluck parties just to get together and relax. Current tradition involves three yearly potluck parties: May, July and December. (See photo at right.)
The SHL's "movie club" meets monthly to watch a movie and discuss it over dinner. (For information about the movie club, check the Discussion Board or newsletter.) In addition, the Book Discussion Group meets every month from September to May to discuss a book of interest. (See this list of books that the book group has read from 2000 to date.) The best way to stay informed about the activities of these groups is to sign up for e-mail announcements.
Official Information:
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You can also get information about how you can join the SHL.
There is a great deal of information about atheism, skepticism, humanism, and related ideologies on the Internet. One place to begin looking at it is our list of links.
Click here for a list of things you can do to help us achieve our goals.
In case you need it, our EIN is 57-1088657.

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